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             Everything returns because it looses its way, 2007
             sound installation (dialogs), digital prints
             each 100 x 150 cm
             edition of 10

             Selected dialogues

             Would you like some coffee ?
             Yes, what is the time ?
             Nearly seven, don´t you still have a watch ? 

             I admire you, doctor. You succeded to unite your life with hers. I have
             been dreaming about it my whole life. I arrived to the city to kidnap her.
             Oh, have you told her about it ?
             Of course.
             And ?
             She said no, I don´t know what to do.
             Neither do I, my position is quite strange, I am her husband.

             This yoghurt tastes terrible.
             This is not a yoghurt, it is a mayonnaise..

             I hope I am not bothering you. I just want to see how it works here.
             Would you like some coffee?

             How can you be with Nadja ? I need her but you do not understand friendship. I do not want only love, I want some respect too.
             You can not decide half man, half women. You do not seem to know what you want...

             Do you have a glass of water ?
             Yes, come in. This is my friend Elis. And this is my old friend.
             I do not like your old friend.
             All right, he was my first love. Do you feel better now ?
             Yes, much better.

             How long would you like to stay ?
             About ten days.
             You never stay even for a week.
             You have never been at home..
             Your freedom brings problems to other people.
             Can we stay at your place ? Just say yes or no.
             We will do whatever you want, as always.

             Can I wash a puddle ? and does wind also have rays?